Kim Trengove Tennis Australia Digital Team

Kim Trengove was the second speaker from Tennis Australia Digital Team which incorporates TA and the Australian Open .

As a former fanatic (Boston Tie 1999, France final 2000 and Spain final 2001) and tennis lover I was thrilled to hear Kim speak.

Tennis Australia does most of its digital content in-house – this she believes allows or Better quality and more engaging content.

There are eight core members of their digital team, with additional resources during the Ausopen. They create video, photos, radio and news content. Tennis Australia during the Ausopen have started paying for a freelance photographer so they have the rights to the images.

During the 2011 Australian Open they live streamed the qualifying rounds plus the draw and charity day matches. They have over 300k unique visitors during the five days before the open started – giving a great lead in to the Ausopen.

Tennis Australia are currently partnering with youtube with over 5 million youtube views.

This give added content such as interviews in the cars with players – giving insight into how they top level professional lives and how they prepare for matches. It helps to provide content which isn’t hindered by current commercial rights.

In the lead up they also run the ‘change of ends’ film festival where people make a video that’s ninety seconds long.

Kim stressed this has taken time to gain traction but is now building into a real event with the better video being shown on channel Seven and around the ground on match days.  They are hoping it will come to rival Tropfest.

Stats for Tennis Australia

Medium Ausopen Tennis Australia
Facebook 300k 18k
Youtube 5mil 1.2mil
Twitter 29k 4,800

Staff of Tennis Australia, player support staff and players are all encouraged to be active on social media.

They also consider the audience when doing updates – twitter more news orientated, not more than five updates a day on Facebook.

At the Ausopen there were the IBM twitter scouts who the ausopen twitter accounts knew and interacted with openly and regularly.

Tweet-ups were organised for Garden Square as well as facebook meet ups.

Discounts were provided on merchandise to people who checked in via facebook places and foursquare.

Facebook Advertising

Used simple messages like “Ausopen likes Raffa” to drive likes to the Ausopen facebook page.


Iphone Ap – had over 700k downloads in 2011.  AO views was added into the ap to give more interactive information into the ap.

Ausopen program was made into an iPad Ap at a cost of $5, this was able to be done as Tennis Australia decided in insource the whole program for 2011, previously it had been outsourced to News Limited. During this time it was the most popular paid download in the ap store.

AO Radio was also available streamed off the website, in the ap and as a narrowcast at the ground.

Observations and the future:

  • Having Facebook likes and twitter followers doesn’t equal bums on seats
  • Need to build networks in the real world to complement their interaction in the virtual world
  • Looking to train members associations to create more content at a grass roots level – probably using WordPress as simple and easy for most people to use
  • Directing people to specific places for giveaways on game days
  • Working closer with youtube to increase content and monetise content

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