Business Start up Ready Reckoner

I have done a small tool in excel for people who are looking to set up some type of consulting business.

You can plug in how much you charge per hour, how many clients you see and then put in expenses.

The tool allows you do some basic analysis on revenue and costs in the first few months and work out what you can afford to pay in rent and alike.

What the tool looks like is on scribd sorry I can’t work out out to get a download of just the excel file.

If you would like a copy you can email me also happy to do any ammendments if you would like.


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3 Responses to Business Start up Ready Reckoner

  1. Hey Anna,

    In WordPress, go to the Media area and click on “Add New”

    Once you’ve uploaded the .xls file, it will show you the URL of the file – something like this:

    Then, all you need to do is link to that URL and it will prompt people to download the file.

    Sounds like an awesome little tool!

    • it dosn’t seem to allow .xls files only .ppt and .doc for ms office, not sure why .xls not allowed.

      • Ah damn – perhaps it’s because you’re on a blog and you can run scripts and macros and things in Excel files? Who knows…

        You could try DropBox – it’s free to host up to 2 gigs of files and you can make a “public” folder and share files from there?

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