Synopsis of ProBlogger

Part four of notes from Digital Sports Summit – hope I’m not boring you all stupid and you’re finding this vaguely useful!

Darren Rowse is a Melbourne Blogging institution, he gave some great tips on blogs but this transalates on how to drive traffic to any website. Darren runs three blogging websites:

He was of my favourite speakers of the day, having heard him speak before, it was just amazing to see the face on my boss when he saw the traffic and revenue Darren brings in.

If you are useful your readers form bonds and attachments to you – Darren gave an example of when a blog follower of his came running up to him at a conference in tears saying ‘I feel like I already know you’.

People come to participate not just download information.

Blogging give you a voice, community forms around your blogs and voice.

People will pay for content if it’s engaging and exclusive.

Use your blog to sell yourself.

Your blog is your homebase – twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr they are spokes to the wheel that is your blog. Many people abandoned their blogs for twitter and other social sites, but you don’t control them, you do control your blog. It’s also advisable to purchase your own domain so people can follow you wherever your blog is hosted and you’re not dependent on any particular platform.

There are more people on facebook, so while twitter is cool the reality is the masses are using facebook.

Be useful in other places – you can drive traffic to your blog by commenting on others, but remember to be useful, don’t comment for comments sake but be useful in what you have to say.

Listen to what your followers have to say.

There is no secret it’s about basic skills – it’s so much more powerful when you listen. Make sure you listen when you’re being talked about –ensure you’re clearing up misconceptions quickly if/when they start.

Build Community

  • People want to interact
  • Ask questions
  • Run polls
  • Invest in your readers and be engaging

Be Personal

How to interact in a personal way

Find ways to be personal in your tweets

Tell Stories – good stories are gold, make sure you’re linking your blog to videos and other blogs

Leverage what you have

Use twitter, linkedin and facebook to hook into your blog, use your current network to build your blog.

Be Playful

  • Get away with more when your playful
  • Humour and irreverence are accepted
  • Darren did a blog 5 things you don’t know about Problogger written in the voice of his two year old

Be Passionate

  • Show passion
  • Model to your readers the by behaving the way you want them to behave

Don’t abandon the familiar 500k subscribers of this 45% of these are via email, people still use email and it’s an easy and convenient way for your readers to find out about you.

If I solve problems people will come back

Solve problems

Do reader profiles and think about what their top 10 problems would be and work out how you would solve them.

Give readers three ideas and ask them which one they prefer

Read comments to find new topics

Always ask  – does this post, opportunity, new channel, make me closer to those on my homebase or who I want to attract to my homebase.


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