Digital Sports Blog Part 3 Mobile, Fantasy and Print

Part three of my synopsis of Digital Sports Summit cover three speakers on mobile, fantasy sports and print media to digital.

Cricket Victoria

Anthony Harrison from Cricket Victoria took us through some mobile application and web side of things.

Mobile penetration in Australia is at 115% Internet is 80% mobile is clearly the future. The Bushrangers decided on an iphone app development to meet this growing marketing.  IPhone applications allow for offline usage, discoverability and push technology as opposed to pure mobile web which only allow for pull technology and you must be online to utilise the functionality

He took us through some examples of both Virgin Blue The Age Mobile site ABC IPhone Application for each he stressed you need to design for the mobile and not just copy for desktop interface. Mobile requires simplicity and function over form for a lot of the useability.

The Bushrangers application was developed for the Sheffield Shield finals it has player bios and news with real time stats and fixtures. The goal of the application is to help increase the team and player awareness so the top three players are known entities in Sport in Victoria.

Fantasy Sports Peter Jankulovski Vapor Media

Fantasy Sport came out of the US with model in baseball and American football. While it started in the offline world, the power of the internet has made it into a multi billion dollar industry. They have moved to be as much apart of the watercooler talk as the games themselves.

They ensure fans of a sport can be involved in all aspects of the game not just how their team is going. In Australia the market is made up of

  • 65% AFL
  •  20% NRL
  • 15% the rest horse racing and other sports

Dream Team had

  • 73k 2004
  • 294k 2009

Super Coach

  • 91k 2006
  • 350k 2009

According to the stats 52% play to compete 32% play to socialise with like minded sports people From these fantasy games other websites have been developed to support them such as and

Who play fantasy games and how are they playing?

  •  87% male
  • 13% female
  • Live in Victoria (due to AFL bias) professionals, skilled trades and students
  • 43% are aged 19 – 34 and 26% are under 18
  • 42% return 26 times during the season – showing its stickiness and involvement.

Schools are starting to use the fantasy games to help with maths classes, working with the trend rather than banning it. Mobile is the growing platform high number of the iphone app @ $3.99.

Future developments Ranking against facebook friends against each other Draft style application for ‘true fans’ which deepens the relationship.

Finn Bradshaw Super Footy

Finn talked about the requirements to teach journalists about new media, holding a story for the backpage now can mean you’re too late to market with the news. Also need to be convinced as to why they need to be on social media themselves connecting with readers on twitter.

Super Footy has seen 50% year on year growth and at the heart of this is Super Coach fantasy game. SuperFooty run live chat with journalists, it provides a place for people to share and also a focal point for where people can come. Finn believes people come to the because they are known to get the content right.

Journalists are learning a buy line isn’t everything – they can interact with readers for automatic feedback. Need to package up unique content, Supercoach has an exclusive online column with has over 60k readers. They keep coming back every week to read it.

You need to provide journalists/content providers with tools to provide immediate stories, IPhones, laptops and where applicable IPads and video so they can do on the spot stories and interviews. Even if you’re not first, by letting people back in the office know what’s going on they have time to prepare articles so if you’re not the first you can be the best still.


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