Facebook Advertising – building your brand or theirs?

Steve Sammartino (@sammartino), who writes an excellent start-up blog and inspired me to start this blog,  recently said he doesn’t believe people pay to advertise on Facebook because it builds up that Facebook page, and not their own site.

I agree with him on one level, but not on another…

Facebook is where people are at and where conversations are happening. If you’re not there, then you’re not part of the conversation. If it’s where your target market is and you have something to say to your market,  then you need to be where they’re at….whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter.

I also think it’s important that you’re using content to drive people to your website with links and content – see what the AFL (the brand I look to for best practice) does and also check out the Socceroos, who create conversations and provide links to their site as well. They have engaging conversations with their followers and build their brands’ presence and accessibility.

Facebook advertising allows you to build your fanbase and the tally of ‘likes’ of your pages. It allows more people to find out about your pages, messages and your events for what are very small sums of money when you consider them as part of your overall marketing mix/budget. The targeting you can do on Facebook or Twitter is excellent and means you can really get your message out to those who you think are most interested. You can also very cheaply find out who else might be interested.

But there is a downside – if/when Facebook isn’t the medium of choice for your market,  then you lose that conversation and it becomes very much a pull strategy, not a push strategy.

How do you combat iit f you’re building your loyal fan base in the mediums they’re in, but also pushing them to compelling content on your website? It should be a win-win, but you need to ensure you’re doing this.

Facebook is one strategy you need to be implementing as part of your marketing mix. Whether you advertise and link to your site or your fan page, if you’re there, the most important thing is to ensure you’re engaging in mutually beneficial conversations.


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3 Responses to Facebook Advertising – building your brand or theirs?

  1. Couldn’t agree more Anna. You have to go were the people are. And they are easy to target on Facebook. All 470 million of them.

    I have spent several hundred thousand on Facebook Social Ads. But I have also generated large volumes of free traffic. And I think this is where the difference is. Pay for targeted traffic that you direct to your external landing pages. Use Facebook’s social features to engage and generate free traffic to Facebook Pages.

    If you pay for traffic you typically direct it to a landing page and a basic rule for landing pages is to minimise leakage. Make it explicitly clear what you want the users to do. Sell them on the benefits and smack them in the face with that call to action. Remove all possible distractions of external links of even internal links.

    To pay for Facebook Social Ads and then direct them to your Facebook Page is a bad idea in my opinion. Facebook still show ads on the side of your Page. They get to double dip.

    Facebook is a major source of traffic for my campaigns. However, Facebook Pages and Facebook Social Ads require two different strategies and rarely should they mix.

    Nice work on the blog. Keep it up. – Craig

  2. great entry Anna. it really asks the important questions, for thw which the answers will vary depending on the persons strategy. I especially think the point about pull marketing.


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