Tourism Australia’s New Ad Campaign

ATL marketing is not my area of expertise, but reading about Tourism Australia’s new ad campaign on mumbrella, and the subsequent comments, has got me thinkin’.

Many people are saying the ad is cheesy and not representative of what Australia has to offer, and I must admit I’m inclined to agree. But I would also like to stress – we are not the target market!

Why do people spend time and money to come all the way to Australia (yes, the arse-end of the earth)? Because of our unique flora, fauna and scenery. This is our unique selling proposition for the brand of international tourism in Australia. It’s not about our

  •  great architecture
  •  long history – OK, Aboriginal history, but that’s still closely linked to flora and fauna
  •  amazing art works
  •  city buzz feel
  •  Broadway shows

The majority of visitors to Australia come into Cairns, fly to Sydney and across to Ayres Rock, then fly out of Darwin, or vice versa. They don’t make it to any other parts of Australia. They come for our amazing natural sights, not the man-made ones.

While this ad is cringeworthy to us, it is what makes us unique to the rest of the world and we need to embrace this. Again, we are not the target market! We marketing people need to get over ourselves sometimes and realise our latte-sipping ways are not what drives most consumers of our products.

If you’re trying to get Australians to visit parts of Australia, that’s why we have far less cringey ad campaigns for places like Melbourne which highlight other factors that make Melbourne a desirable destination over other places in Australia.


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Digital and online marketer, passionate about maximising customer experiences. Opinions are mine & not those of my employer.
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One Response to Tourism Australia’s New Ad Campaign

  1. clubwah says:

    You’re right, tourist ads often show a country in a way that’s almost foreign to those who live there, but it is worth remembering that the locals aren’t the target.
    Image wise that ad is very similar to campaigns run by South Africa and Malaysia – loads of unique natural beauty with modern cultural interest thrown in.
    I like how Melbourne is represented in this ad. For decades tourism bodies have looking for a landmark to best represent Melbourne, only to find that the greatest thing about the city is the city itself.

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