Facebook Marketing and Controversy

I work in sports marketing in an industry that is rife with controversy and makes it into the newspapers most days.

Recently there has been a lot more controversy around a particular part of the industry, which has led to many emails/Facebook messages on our pages, both positive and negative.

It has been difficult to work out whether to delete these posts or not. Part of being on Facebook is allowing conversations between your organisation and fans, but also between fans themselves. You have to accept you won’t agree with and like everything said on your pages, but you need to facilitate the conversation and allow it to flow.

Last year when I had someone defaming a member of our industry, I deleted the posts and then chatted to the author via Facebook saying we were happy for them to participate in the conversation, but they couldn’t post libelous comments. If they continued, we would have to bar them. They were very understanding and stopped.

But where do you draw the line? Our current position is that if people are abusing each other or they post images that are detrimental to our brand, we delete the comments. If we don’t, we are letting the debate go and allowing people to post whatever they like. Do you agree this is the right way to go?

Does your business have a social media policy? We’re just making it up as we go along at the moment and it’s going OK, but I do get concerned. What if this goes mainstream?


About Behind the Line

Digital and online marketer, passionate about maximising customer experiences. Opinions are mine & not those of my employer.
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